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The name Guncotton Coffee is in reference to Hopewell’s beginnings at the start of World War I in 1914. What was once a small agricultural community became a booming industrial site thanks to the DuPont gun cotton manufacturing plant that drew in populations from around the world. The E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company bought approximately 2,400 acres of land from the Epps family for the plant.

The building where we are currently housed was previously home to Hopewell Furniture and before that it was called Broadway Motors.

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Guncotton Coffee Today

Originally closed down to the pandemic on March 2020, the coffee shop is now set to reopen under new management. Led by Crisman White and Larry Hancock, the coffee shop will partner with Legacy Roasting Company to provide freshly roasted coffee in addition to cafe items such as bagels and pastries.  

In addition to the coffee shop, the roughly 5,500 square foot location will serve to be a creative collaboration center for Hopewell and the surrounding tri-cities area. In addition to purchasing coffee, tea, or cafe food items, customers will have the option to reserve one of the three upstairs rooms or work from the center co-working sections. 

Guncotton Mission

1. Accessible
We will be accessible to our customers by offering a tech-driven approach where customers can safely order (curbside) or place orders online.

2. Accommodating 
We will be accommodating by offering consistent hours and being a true collaboration center that strives to adapt to our community's needs.

3. Collaborative.
Lastly, for this venture to survive we believe this will require the help of local government, Churches, businesses, and neighborhoods to survive. We will strive to only source from a 10-mile radius for local products and services. 

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